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I am the Lord Of All Bunnies, Not lord as in I have dominion over all the furry hops  (although I do often reference them as “minions”), but lord as prophet in the tradition of the trickster. I constantly encourage people to question the “why” and You should always strive to “turn your view slantways”. I know that I have a unique perception of the reality surrounding me. Individuals, as they get to know me, either relish or abhor the question “what are you thinking?”

The shattered myriad reflections glimpsed in a passing padlock.
A wisp of saliva, finger swept across the heavens.
Strands of hair skating the suntrod oak grain in search of purpose.

I am possessed of a mind that can vomit forth exhaustive amounts of information on a multitude of subjects, but whole spans of my life and the occasional family member have been completely forgotten. Only with great effort can I remember shredded glimpses of events and they are few in number. I can focus so totally that I forget to blink and the outside world fades away, only a touch or an uncommon noise will bring me back to the here and now.

In the art represented here I am giving you brief snapshots of my world in all of its exceedingly detailed multiple personality nurturing, and deeply questioning glory.

BFA emphasis in drawing with a minor in art history from Memphis College Of Art.

“an assault on the senses” Maritza Davila
“you would make a great graffiti artist” Dosa Kim


Drawing On Alabama, Auburn University 108 Biggin Hall Auburn/AL bondybj@auburn.edu

Dirty Show 10.5, Bert’s Warehouse Theater 2739 Russell St. Detroit/MI www.dirtyshow.org
Birmingham Artists, Matt Jones Gallery 2830 6th Ave s. Birmingham/AL www.mattjonesgallery.com

Radial, 1530 Dekalb Ave NE #G Atlanta/GA www.radial.us

Halloween Show, 2153 Murphy Atlanta/GA
Private Show, Home of Jerry & Daudet Schreurs, Hotsprings/AR

Painting, Drawing, and Clay, The Brode Gallery(MCA), Memphis/TN

Juried Student Show, Upper Gallery(MCA), Memphis/TN