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This being my first post, I wish to state my objectives for my website as follows:

a) To chronicle my growth as an artist and an awakening consciousness.
b) To establish a forum to share my perceptions of all that is within and without me.
c) To realize my progress towards, and achievements of, my potential.
d) To foster love as a personal road to inner peace.

To these objectives I will endeavor to be productive, open, honest, and non-judgmental. I expect the same courtesy of all who participate in this website. This is a new challenge for me and quite honestly I am terrified. I have failed my potential so far in this life and will need all of your help and support to realize this truth, my truth: I can change the world. This may seem an egotistical claim, but it is in truth a humble one. I believe that I was gifted with certain potentials and that to fail to use them to the utmost is the greatest failure. I have, as I can see, three choices:

1) To give up and let apathy consume me, working a life of material gain, but devoid of any spiritual or human fulfillment.
2) I can persevere and continue this balancing act of fear, temporary fulfillment, and intermittent joy.
2) I can embrace my fear and accept that I can trust those who love me thus creating a support group to catch me each time I fall as I soar to greater and greater heights.

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